Security Screensaver

Security Screensaver 2.0

Use this screensaver to scan your PC for viruses


  • Make use of your computer's idle moments to scan it
  • Automatic antivirus scans


  • The Preview function doesn't work


Security Screensaver might sound very familiar to you. Exactly: it’s the screensaver-style version of Microsoft’s popular antivirus.

As any other antivirus, the problem with Microsoft Security Essentials is that you never seem to find the right time to perform a complete system scan. You’re always busy with something else and need all the computer’s processing power for yourself. With Security Screensaver this problem is over, as it scans the system while the computer is idle.

Security Screensaver works just like a regular screensaver, taking over the monitor whenever you don’t use the computer for a scheduled period of time. While active, Security Screensaver updates the antivirus signature file and performs a complete system scan.

You’ll find two different executables in Security Screensaver: one that displays the program’s logo while working in the background, and one that doesn’t display anything – just a plain, black screen. You can choose the one you want and set it as your default screensaver by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Install”. On the downside, the preview function in the screensaver’s settings window didn’t work.

Security Screensaver is a simple screensaver that also protects your system, as it updates Microsoft Security Essentials database and scans your system.

Security Screensaver


Security Screensaver 2.0

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    Doesn't work on Win 7 64-bit.
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